Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Isaac / Pensacola Fl

Although we are not taking a direct hit from Hurricane Isaac, we are seeing some of what the storm has.  We're not sure what to expect entirely, but here are some photos from an outing to the beach earlier today.

The railing in the first photos is usually 6 feet above the water.  The early surge has it going over the wall.

Trash line from the waves
The waves in the Gulf of Mexico are reaching heights nearly to the top of the Pier.
People lined the beach, braving blowing sand to take photos of the waves.

The entrance to Ft. Pickens.  The road has already seen damage.

I took out my back-up camera and handed it to Maria.  Here's a few from her.

 I am planning another outing as the storm moves closer.

Tony Wilhelm

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